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DIY - Nail Art

This was so easy to do and I’m currently on day six of my manicure with no chips at all.

I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in “Raise a glass”.
Here are some tips for applying the strips that I’ve found will help you get the best results:

  • make sure your nails are clean, dry and lightly buffed.
  • always select a strip that is a little bigger than your nail.
  • after you apply the strip take the wooden pick and using the flat end push the strip around your entire nail. This will automatically trim the strip as you push leaving you with a perfect fit. 
  • if any parts of the strip look like they are lifting (this can happen on the sides or around your cuticle) dab clear polish around the spot to help it stay on.

After I had all the strips applied I placed little silver decals ($3 from Shoppers Drug Mart) in various designs. 

I finished the whole thing with a clear top coat. The whole manicure took about 20 min.

DIY (sorta) - Custom iPhone Case

After months of searching for the perfect iPhone case, I finally gave up and decided to look at options for creating your own design. 

I quickly found GelaSkins and was impressed by their website and their easy to follow instructions. I brushed off my iStock account bought a few images and quickly laid out a design I liked in Photoshop. 

I uploaded it at GelaSkins and just like that my order was on the way. Within the week my case arrived and it turned out better than I would have imagined. 

The case (hard shell), shipping and taxes cost me under $45 and was totally worth it… where else could I find an owl and cat coexisting in such a cute way?

The photo is a little off in colour and clarity but you get the idea

DIY - Wall Art

I’m on a posting roll out of the gates so I figured I’d post one more thing for the day.

Those of you who know me know I work in non-profit. A job I adore but alas, it’s not the kind of job that allows for you to swim around in gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck.

As a result I often find myself making things. This wall art was beyond easy to do and the payoff has been wicked. It makes me so happy to look at!

How To: Fabric Wall Art

  1. Buy two blank canvases - your choice of size
  2. Find some fabric you love. This came from Chinz & Company here in Calgary
  3. Cut the fabric to fit the canvas leaving room for it to wrap around the back frame
  4. Staple gun the crap out of the back until the fabric fits snug
  5. Hang up your art and enjoy!

A huge bonus here is you get to use a staple gun. This is the craft version of kickboxing and a great de-stresser.  

So long Natalie

My very good friend has been transferred to San Francisco for work. After weeks of begging her not to go, I finally accepted this reality and got to planning a tear-jerker goodbye party. 

Because I love a craft session, I made Full House buttons for the guests and picture frame for everyone to sign for her. Both items seemed to go over very well and I’m glad that people had some cocktails in them as they signed the frame, the material is very colourful…

Big thanks to The Arusha Centre for renting me the button maker!

Meet Rupert

Of course the very next post needs to be about my cat! This is Rupert and he lives in the lap of luxury. 

He’s a cat and he’s pretty cool.

Oh look I made a blog

That's me as a little lass

After years of saying I would start a blog I’ve finally done it. Sort of… this is only post number one. 

So this is my blog. And that’s me as little Linny above. What better way to meet me than when I was at my cutest? Follow me if you like. I’m not going to lie to you, this will probably be full of cats, fashion, crafts and all things geeky or old timey. I like pretty things and I like sharing them even more.

So if you’re ever feeling blue, scoot over to this page and have a gander of some lovely things.